Services & Programs

In 2014, ACCESS Housing provided emergency shelter, homeless prevention, transitional housing, permanent housing and other family support services to families with children. The following is a summary of the services that were provided through the agency’s core programs.

Family Shelter Program

The program provides short-term shelter for up to 90 days for families with children in on-site private apartment units. To ensure the immediate safety of children and their families, we collaborate with the Adams County Cold Weather Care Program to provide emergency shelter while we help secure housing that is more permanent. Program services also include case management, food, clothing, personal hygiene products, household furnishings and transportation assistance. Adult family members receive job services, adult education and weekly life skills training. Families also receive crisis intervention support; resource information and linkages to community partners through referrals to community partners for services not currently provided by ACCESS Housing.

Home Again Family Support Program

These program services seek to prevent homelessness and to support the transition of homeless families into permanent housing. Eligible families receive case management and financial and rental payment assistance as well as funds to pay medical, education, utility, and transportation expenses. Transitional housing services enable transition from homelessness to either permanent subsidized housing and/or low-income rental housing or to non-subsidized rental housing

Permanent Housing

ACCESS Housing also owns 27 units of housing which we rent to low-income families.

STEPS Success Self-sufficiency Program

Program services support family self-sufficiency by ensuring that adult family members secure and maintain jobs that pay a living wage through permanent housing and employment goals,GED preparation and life skills training. Efforts are made for adults are able to secure or retain jobs that pay living wages. Many participate in GED preparation and life skills workshops.

Family Support of Food and Other Resources

Families enrolled in our programs also receive food, clothing, and furnishings, as well as special donations from local business.

Volunteer Activity

A large number of volunteers support the clients of ACCESS Housing through work with our programs and special events, such as our annual holiday parties sponsored by a different local organization each year. Last year over 50 children attended the party and received holiday gifts and treats.

Utility Support

Thanks to funding from Energy Outreach Colorado, ACCESS Housing provides financial assistance to families to maintain and regain their homes’ gas and electric services.

Other Services for Clients

ACCESS Housing arranges for clients to receive weekly training at ACCESS Housing in recovering from and preventing domestic violence and in financial literacy through other nonprofit and government agencies. In addition, ACCESS Housing has recently made arrangements for clients to receive mental health and life counseling from a qualified professional on-site.