Behind the Scenes of the Gala Video

While the gala video was stunning, behind the scenes was equally, if not more, touching.
Word was put out several days in advance for anyone willing/interested in helping with the video. Several families eagerly came to lend their stories and voices.
So many families came we ran out of time to capture all of them!
As they waited to film, families shared their experiences and encouraged each other through hardships.
Children played together on the playground.
Laughter filled the hallways.
The most beautiful part about the process was watching how proud families were to share their story, and how humbly they desired to give back to ACCESS Housing.
It’s a reflection of reciprocity and community: tenants we value here at ACCESS. What can be a source of shame, humiliation, and dehumanization, the experience of moving through homelessness has become a source of comradery, pride, and confidence for these families.
Truly, ACCESS Housing has been a transformational experience for them and it was beaming through them brightly that day.